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It has been about a month since I became active on respaper, I feel that it is one of the best things that have happened in my life, I will always be grateful for the help and support given by this community. Certainly, all of the people here on ResPaper have helped me a lot in exams and demonstrated the power of co-operation and collaboration. I don't know any of you personally(except Jayant who is my classmate) but you all have helped me more than my friends. I will always be grateful to you.
May all of you reach your destiny. All the best for tomorrow. Have a great life ahead.
I am not going anywhere soon ;-D
asked by Anurag Hooda (akhooda) 7 years ago

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I've got an endsem exam in an hour but all I am doing is reading old threads on res. 🥲
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Icse 2018 french(second language) board paper
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