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ICSE Class X Prelims 2023 : Biology (Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School, Mumbai)

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Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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tlaneckii Ceoper Edutation TrustSthool JuhuTara Road, Numbal -400849 PRE-PRELIMINARY EXANINATION BIOLOGY DATE: 21/nu2022 TINE: 2 Nears MARKS: S8 STD: X Arswers o ohis Paper mast be wruinem on he pugpe previdled sepaaley Xoawillmot be alliowed to wrikecduringahest15mbutes This time is aa be spent in reading the auesthion Paper Te time gier atshe heudof bhis paper he timealirwe or wriingshe answers Sectiom 4is compulser dmemgt any oar questions fom Section The intemded marks j rquestions orpurs questions aregihemitbrackets SECTION-A (Attempt all questioms from this section) Questionl Selecr he cemectanswersnhe quesacns em e gvenaptions Dea tags the qostion 5 Write the comect ansuer oniy LAmScular wall S asent in Vein 2 Caplar )Anenoie Axona enciosed inambe sheah cale DendtS Nyellin sheath The mumber of chromoscemesna humum skin el Symaps ()2 1 b e movement ct e e l e s et a suhstance e m their e r aeen lower comcemtance wtien they are in direct comtact s (a) osmosiss n ae their actve t g t Contractioc ot utenus during childbirth is caused byc )ISH )orytoc vi Tbe statistical stuy ot human population is (a) vi~ Population dersity )Demogaphy ( ) Gewth rae Naaliy Light reaction takes place in the (@) gana ct he enloroplast )chonda ()soma of the chikenpast cytaplasm Page

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