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ICSE History IMPORTANT DATES Reference Sheet

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Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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HISTORY IMPORTANT DATES Indian History 1850 1856 1857 10th May 1857 8th April 1857 1858 1st November 1858 1866 1876 1877 1877 1878 1878 1882 1885 28th to 31st December 1885 1886 1885 to 1905 1905 to 1918 1919 to 1947 1892 1893 1898 and 1902 1904 1904 1905 1905 1905 7th August 1905 16th October 1905 1906 1906 1907 1909 1911 1913 Law passed by Lord Dalhousie that entitled a person to convert to Christianity to inherit ancestral property General Service Enlistment Act passed by British First War of Independence; Revolt of the Sepoys Revolt of the Sepoys at Meerut Mangal Pande was arrested and hanged Government of India Act passed by British; Rule of East India Company came to an end Queen Victoria s Proclamation East India Association organized by Dadabhai Naoroji Indian Association of Calcutta formed by Surendranath Banerjee Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College at Aligarh founded by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Delhi Durbar held by Lord Lytton Indian Arms Act passed by Lord Lytton Vernacular Press Act passed by Lord Lytton Vernacular Press Act repealed by Lord Ripon Indian National Congress was founded First conference of Indian National Congress Indian National Congress merged with All India National Conference Moderate Phase Radical Phase Gandhian Era Indian Councils Act passed by British Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental Defense Association was founded Surendranath Banerjee elected President of congress Universities Act passed by Lord Curzon Official Secrets Act passed by Lord Curzon Gopal Krishna Gokhale was President of annual session of Congress at Banaras (now Varanasi) Servants of India Society founded by Gopal Krishna Gokhale Partition of Bengal announced by Lord Curzon Anti-partition Movement was started Effective day of partition of Bengal; Observed as Raksha Bandhan Day Split between Radicals and Moderates was averted by Dadabhai Naoroji at annual session of Congress in Kolkata All-India Muslim League was formed at Dacca Surat Session of Congress; Splitting up of Radicals and Moderates Minto-Morley Reforms (i.e. revised version of Indian Councils Act) passed by British Partition of Bengal was cancelled Muslim League declared at its annual session that its aim was self-governance

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