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ICSE Class X Board Specimen 2019 : English Paper 1 (English Language) Letter Writing

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Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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ICSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE 2019 ONWARDS SPECIMEN FOR LETTER WRITING Question 2 (a) Imagine that you are in a boarding school and have performed poorly in your terminal examination. Write a letter to your mother, explaining the reasons for your poor performance, and tell her how you plan to do better in the forthcoming examinations. [10] Answer Sample 1: Jingle Bells Residential School Igatpuri 422 402 10th October, 2018 My dear Mummy / Mother, I know that you are very disappointed with my half yearly report that you must have received last week. I am truly sorry for a poor performance and I am feeling very depressed at having let you down so badly. I do not want to make excuses, but this last term I have been in and out of the infirmary several times. I had a bad attack of malaria and was unable to attend classes for about a week. Barely had I got over this when I broke out in a rash because of the medication and I had to go back into the infirmary. As result of this I missed many classes and I scored very poorly in three subjects. I have now picked up health and have requested my teachers to give me some extra assignments. I also plan to do group study with some of the other boarders of my class. I am sure that this will help me to catch up with my studies and I promise you I will score much better marks in the next unit tests. Please do not be worried about my health, I am much better. I look forward to meeting you during the mid-term break. Yours lovingly, / Yours affectionately, / Your loving son, Sanjiv 1

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