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ISC Class XI Prelims 2021 : English Paper 1 (English Language) (St. Marys ICSE School, Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai)

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St. Mary's ICSE School, Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai
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St. Mary s ICSE School Second Assessment English Language Class: XII (One hour and a half) Marks: 50 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Attempt all questions. Time allotted on the question paper is for writing the answers. Do not toggle between tabs. Each page should be numbered. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in the brackets []. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Question 1 You want to apply for admission into a prestigious college for doing an undergraduate course in Computer Applications. Write a Statement of Purpose for the same, using the details given below: [20] Brief mention of your personality traits interests - reason for choosing the college why you should be given admission in the college role of the institute in achieving your goals and aspirations. (You may also include other relevant details.) Question 2 Read the passage given below and answer the questions (a), (b) and (c) that follow: [15] 1. In the fading light of a close dull autumn afternoon Martin Stoner plodded his way along muddy lanes and rut-seamed cart tracks. He was going nowhere in particular. 2. The hounds of Fate were certainly pressing on him with unrelenting insistence; hunger, fatigue and despairing hopelessness had numbed his brain. 3. With the clothes he stood up in, a half penny in his pocket and no single friend or acquaintance to (5) turn to, he trudged stolidly forward. He came to a halt by an open gateway leading to a spacious and rather neglected farm garden. A drizzle was setting in and Stoner thought of obtaining shelter for a short while. 4. Before he had time to knock, the door opened and a bent, withered-looking old man stood aside in the doorway as though to let him pass in. (10) 5. Could I come in out of the rain? Stoner began, but the old man interrupted him. 6. Come in, Master Tom. I knew you would come back one of these days. 7. The old man showed a strange quavering eagerness to usher him in. Stoner s legs gave way from weariness and he sank inertly into a chair. After just a few minutes he was devouring the meal served to him. (15) 8. I ll go and tell your aunt that you ve come; she won t be seeing you, but she ll let you stay, the old man said. 9. The old man hobbled away down a long passage, escorting him to his room. Without a word Martin followed his ministering angel along, into a large room lit with a cheerfully blazing fire. The night passed peacefully. (20)

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