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ICSE 2015 :CHEMISTRY Conceptual questions chapter wise

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Guneet Singh
St. Xavier's Collegiate School (SXCS), Kolkata
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Chemistry PERIODIC TABLE 1. An element A ha an atomic number 11. a. Represents its electronic configuration. b. To which group of periodic table, does it belong? c. What is its Valency? d. Write the formula of its oxide. 2. The table given below shows the mass number of neutrons in four elements P, Q, R and S. Elements P Q R S Mass number 12 20 23 35 Number of neutrons 6 10 12 18 a. Write down the atomic number of S. b. Write down the electronic configuration of S. c. To which group, does S belong? d. To which period, does S belong/ e. What will be the nature(ionic or covalent) of compound formed by (i) R and S? (ii) P and S? 3. Among the elements given in the list below, pick out the element which is (i) most electropositive (ii) Most E.N (iii) a noble gas. Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, Ne, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, C 4. The atoms A and B have electronic configuration (2,8,18,2) and (2,6) respectively. a. To which periods, do A and B belong? b. To which groups, do A and B belong? c. What is the valency of A and B with respect to hydrogen? d. What is the formula of compound of A and B? Is the compound ionic or covalent in nature? MOLE CONCEPT AND STOICHIOMETRY 1. A sample of coal gas contained 45% H2, 30% CH4, 20% CO and 5% C2H2 by volume. 100ml of this gaseous mixture was mixed with 160 ml of oxygen and exploded. Calculate the volume and the composition of the resulting mixture, when cooled to room temperature and pressure. 2. A compound has O = 61.32%, S = 11.15%, H = 4.88% and Zn = 22.65%. The relative molecular mass of the compound is 287 amu. Find the molecular mass of the compound, assuming that all the hydrogen is present as water of crystallization. [ Zn = 65] 3. A 2.00 g sample containing Na2CO3 and NaHCO3 loses 0.248 g when heated to 300oC, the temperature at which NaHCO3 decomposes to Na2CO3, CO2 and water. 4. 1.84g of a mixture of CaCO3 and MgCO3 are heated strongly till no further loss of weight takes place. The residue weighs 0.96g. Find the percentage composition of the mixture. 5. 24ml of methane were mixes with 106 ml of oxygen and the mixture was exploded. The product, after cooling, measured 82ml, of which 58 ml were unused oxygen. Show that these results illustrate Gay-Lussac s law.

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