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I cant pay using paypal
Nor with my debit card! Please respond as soon as possible
asked by Shaina Pinto (shainakpinto) 75 days ago
I am trying to pay through PayPal with my debit card  but it fails everytime.Please help.
asked by Wasim Ansari (abc1234a) 78 days ago
respaper become paid ?i tried to make paymnt by visa /debit but it is not being?are others also facing the problem
asked by Sharanya Mistry (rehanali58) 94 days ago
kindly help me how to make payment to access the papers.
I am unable to make payment.
I do not have a PayPal account, so please provide an alternative method so that I can subscribe.
On making payment with debit or credit card it is showing error. Pls Help 🙏🙏
asked by Saanvi Gowda (lipstickstxins123) 112 days ago
How do i delete the notes i sent?
asked by Jay V. Goyel (jay_v_goyel) 251 days ago
I am unable to make payment.
I do not have a PayPal account, so please provide an alternative method so that I can subscribe.
On making payment with debit or credit card it is showing error. Pls Help 🙏🙏
asked by Question Paper#1 (questionpaper100) 343 days ago
I am unable to renew membership
asked by Laju Dalal (diki1301) 1 year ago

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Why respaper site is not working for free
asked by Vivek Kumar (kashish60) 1 year ago
Res paper prime  site is not working
asked by Ritu Srivastava (ritu765) 2 years ago
Which book u people follow for environmental applications?
asked by Anshul Jain (anshul58) 4 years ago
How many answers are there in geography topo for six grid reference
asked by Saket Singh (saket38) 4 years ago

+ 3 more questions by saket38  

Can anyone please solve the ICSE Specimen 2017 Mathematics Paper to whatever extent possible and share the answers? 

The paper is available here:

or, here:
asked by ICSE Helper (solo_credere) 4 years ago

+ 2 more questions by solo_credere  

For French Picture description can we write a story like we do in English or do we only describe the picture? Pls. Respond ASAP
asked by Dark_Death (ssvp1999) 5 years ago
This time only first four questions will be considered and not best four?
asked by Piyush Agarwal (piyushbora) 5 years ago
(ii) A radioactive substance is oxidized. What change would you expect to
take place in the nature of its radioactivity? Give a suitable reason. [3]
(c) ‘Radioactive materials as an alternative source of energy must be used
wisely’. Give reasons to justify this statement.
asked by Hitesh Nair (hyperhitesh) 5 years ago
ovulation,formation of corpus luteum,bleeding , production of hormones(Menstrual cycle)
asked by AnanG (smarter23) 5 years ago
In history, are the questions repeated?
asked by Ayush Chess (cuuulboy) 5 years ago

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How long should a 4 mark answer be in History?
asked by X (mustafaraj) 5 years ago
Vehicular standard for air pollution
asked by Shruti Banerjee (coolbuddy16) 5 years ago

+ 13 more questions by coolbuddy16  

can any  one give me the sample papers for icse 2016
asked by Biparnak Roy (roybiparnak) 5 years ago
Can someone post hindi notes for every chapter from school?
asked by Sherlock123 (hritiksapra) 5 years ago

+ 1 more questions by hritiksapra  

dilute HCl is added to potassium nitrite solution. give chemical equation and state observation.
asked by . (sd19) 5 years ago

+ 2 more questions by sd19  

How can I get good marks in moles and stochiometry.I have spent hours studying it,I don't just get the logic????help me out plz
asked by Levona (levona) 5 years ago
name an acid which can completely dissolve lead carbonate
asked by Mahima Sanghavi (starmahi) 5 years ago

+ 1 more questions by starmahi  

Are we supposed to compete the reactions in questions like:
Name the organic compound prepared in each of the following reactions
CaC2 + H2O----->
asked by Sushil Pamnani (sushil13) 5 years ago
In math, when you draw an ogive, you draw a free hand curve. But because it's free hand, answers vary by one or two units. So.... Do I lose marks because of that? I need to me out. Any suggestions on how to draw it will be very helpful. Thx
asked by Lord Roshan the Great (lordroshan) 5 years ago
What is the reaction for thermite welding?
asked by Jash Kalyani (sjm333) 5 years ago
which is an exceptional artery????
asked by $ω@T!* (swati22) 5 years ago

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