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what is the dihybrid ratio in f1 generation when homozygous tall and homozygous red is crossed with homozygous dwarf and homozygous  green,,,and tell me the gametes too...its in f1 generation
asked by Manoj Kartik (icantbelieveit14) 8 years ago

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Guys please study adyaya 1,3,7,12 in kannada....
90% any of these extracts might come....
asked by Angadh P (akhil_) 8 years ago
guys i am selina they mentioned that urea will be rendered harmless in the liver ( hepatic portal system ) so in hepatic vein urea concentration should be least right....then why many are saying that hepatic vein has got the highest urea concentration after having a protein rich meal ??? answer must be hepatic portal vein right ?? if am wrong plz correct me...but i said what text said
asked by MP Harsha (student58) 8 years ago
What is meant by carbon cycle
asked by Lavanya Ujjuru (littleheart16) 8 years ago
give me any link or pls upload all que.s of arranging in logical sequence and odd one
  pls pls pls pls pls pls
asked by Shodhan Shetty (shodhansonofsridevi) 8 years ago
pls can anyone explain abt the formation of clot?
asked by Shakthidharshini (vaishnavi14) 8 years ago
how to find genotype and phenotype ratio ?
asked by Hareesh Ramakrishnan (hareesh0922) 8 years ago
tell me which diagrams to practise
asked by Princess Deev (deevenayerra) 8 years ago
What is dorsiventral leaf ?
asked by Ashish Prince (ashishprince) 8 years ago
Hepatic vein has the maximum concentration of urea 
Is it crct
asked by Ankit kumar (yobro99) 8 years ago

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