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ResFinder - Thousands of Practice Papers nanage 62. hagu 65 gadegal artha vannu thilisi...plzz...admin plz help me as soon as possible.
asked by Abhilasha Sreenivasan (abhilasha12) 8 years ago

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Kannada kasturi lessongala notes iddare upload madi(eg: Kalagnirudram, Mitraprema).
Please upload Admin.
asked by Niranjan D R (thuglife) 8 years ago

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See comments(admin)
asked by Abhishek Shyam (abhibenne) 8 years ago
Some of my dear students here. Please upload your school prelims papers. Even invite your friends to join this group.
asked by ICSE ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada) (icse_kannada_world) 8 years ago

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Chap 9 goruru imp uh?
asked by Harshi baby (gunareddy) 8 years ago

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rasikaru alle best 5 adhaya oduvudakke aavudu
asked by Shodhan Shetty (shodhansonofsridevi) 8 years ago

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naanu adhyaya 7,14,16,17 mathu - namma bhashe , arivu, namma sainikaru , sharanaya bhavasangama ( kannada kasturi ) maduthilla . Yavudadaru madabeke? saka??
asked by Dhruv Shetty (someonesomewhere) 8 years ago

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tell the chapter important in Kittaji mathu havisu patre which is not in question paper from 2012
asked by Andy Pinto (andria) 8 years ago
kittaji andhre havisu patre and vice versa......can someone explain in English....plzzz
asked by Jothika Noble (doublej123) 8 years ago
I feel Adhyaya 7,8,9,10,18 is important ...
yakande since 2012 it has not come
asked by Sahana (sahana42) 8 years ago

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