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How did Pratap lose in kingdom (in kannada)?
asked by Sarojini Devi Palaniswamy (monkeycom) 1 year ago

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asked by Basavaraj Kannada (basavarj) 2 years ago
Is there a re exam?
asked by Catlover (catlover) 7 years ago

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kannada essays any guess friends
asked by Preetham (preetham21) 7 years ago

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hi everyone!
Should we learn "kavi parichaya" from the chapters of sahitya sangama book for the board exam 2017?
asked by        (sai7) 7 years ago
All the best...kannadave sathya!
asked by Niranjan D R (thuglife) 8 years ago
Pls admin ond essay kotu sahaya madi pllllllllllllllllllls
asked by Chirayu Rai (chirayurai) 8 years ago

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Last tips: 
Kannadada mele preetiyirali.
Grammar 15 minutes.
SeCtion b 1 and half hour.
Composition 20 minutes. 
Letter 20 Minutes. 
Essay 25 minutes.
Checking 9 minutes.
Praying 1 minute.
All the best. 
You will do it. 
You can do it.
We know that you will come back to its and say I will get 100.
asked by ICSE ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada) (icse_kannada_world) 8 years ago

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raasikarau yava adyaya important?
asked by Hiiii (nimish1) 8 years ago

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Last year bandidella bidtini OK na!?
asked by Abhishek Shyam (abhibenne) 8 years ago

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