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CBSE Class 12 Pre Board 2020 : Economics - Prelim 1 (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, JAMMU Assignment Session (2019-20) Class:XII Subject: Economics Q1. Define the terms: Barter System, Money and Money Supply. Q2. Explain the process of credit creation by the commercial banks. Q3. Differentiate between Central Bank and Commercial Bank . Q4. Define the term Budget. Q5. Explain the various components of budget. Q6.Differentiate between: i. Direct tax and indirect tax. ii. Revenue receipts and capital receipts iii. Revenue expenditure and capital expenditure iv. Revenue deficit and fiscal deficit Q7. What are the implications of fiscal deficit? Q8. Define the term Balance of payment. Q9. Explain the various components of current account and capital account. Q10.What are the different sectors under the occupational structure? Q11. Explain the demographic structure of Indian economy. Q12. What are the positive and negative effects of British rule in India? Q13. Explain the different terms like types of economy, Q14. Differentiate between final goods and intermediate goods. Q15. Differentiate between stock and flow. Q16. What are the different methods of calculating National income? Q17. How is absolute poverty calculated in India? Q18. What are the occupations of urban and rural poor? Q19. Discuss briefly three special poverty alleviation programmes. Q20. Why is it essential to improve the standard of higher education? Q21. Explain briefly the various initiatives taken by the government to improve education in India. Q22. How can the problem of educated unemployment be solved? Q23. What are the two ways of identifying poor? Q24. Which type of poverty is found in developed countries?


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