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CBSE Class 11 Pre Board 2020 : Physics (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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Cbse 11
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Q 01. The number of significant figures in 0.06900 is (a) Q 02. 5 (b) 4 (c) 2 (d) 3 A lift is coming from 8th floor and is just about to reach 4th floor. Taking ground as the origin and positive direction upwards for all quantities, which one of the following is correct (a) x<0,v<0, a>0 Q 03. (b) x>0, v<0, a<0 (c) x>0,v<0, a>0 (d) x>0, v>0, a<0 The horizontal range of a projectile fired at an angle of 150 is 50 m. if it is fired with the same speed at an angle is 450, its range will be (a) Q 04. 60m (b) 71m (c) 100m (d) 141m Conservation of momentum in collision between particles can be understood from (a) conservation of energy (b) newton s first law only (c) newton s 2nd law only (d) both newton s first and 2nd law Q 05. During inelastic collision, which remain conserved (a) total kinetic energy (b) total mechanical energy. (c) total linear momentum (d) speed of each body. Q 06. For which of the following does the center of mass lies outside the body. (a) a pencil Q 07. (d) a bangle (b) zero (c) unity (d) some finite small non-zero constant value With increase in temperature, viscosity of gases (a) decreases Q 09. (c) a dice Modulus of rigidity of ideal liquids is (a) infinity Q 08. (b) a shot-put (b) increases (c) remain same (d) become zero. An ideal gas undergoes isothermal process from some initial state I to final state f. choose the correct alternatives (a) dU = 0 (b) dq = 0 (c) dq = dU (d) dQ = dw Q 010. Magnitude of velocity is equal to ________. Q 011. A body which mover under the effect of gravity only is known as _______. Q 012. Friction between two body is due to __________ forces. Q 013. Force and be defined as the rate of change of ___________. Q 014. Newton s law of gravitation follows __________. Q 015. With increase in elastic fatigue, ___________ of body decreases. Q 016. A substance which flows under the effect of external force is known as ________. Q 017. The volume of a cube of the side 1 cm is equal to ________ m3. Q 018. A vehicle moving with the speed of 18 km h-1 covers ______ m in 1 s. Q 019. The heat which converts the state of substance directly form solid to gases is known as ________. Q 020. Oscillatory motion is ________ periodic motion.

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