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ISC Class XI Prelims 2021 : English Paper 2 (English Literature) (Delhi Public School (DPS) Megacity, Kolkata) Class XI Final

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Arya Khetan
The Frank Anthony Public School (FAPS), New Delhi
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Delhi Public School Megacity, Kolkata Annual Examination(online)-2020 2021 Subject: ENGLISH LITERATURE Class: XI Full Marks:40 Time:1hr 30mins SECTION A THE TEMPEST QUESTION 1 Choose any one of the given passages and answer briefly the questions that follow: a)Stephano Trinculo Stephano Four legs and two voices: a most delicate monster! His forward voice, now, is to speak well of his friend; his background voice is to utter foul speeches and to detract. If all the wine in my bottle will recover him, I will help his ague. Come. Amen! I will pour some in thy other mouth. Stephano ! Doth thy other mouth call me? Mercy, mercy! This is a devil, and no monster: I will leave him; I have no long spoon. i) What surprises Stephano about the delicate monster? (1) ii) How does Stephano want to cure the monster s fever and trembling? Why does Stephano seek to leave that place? (2) iii) Explain how Trinculo recognizes Stephano. What reason does he state for creeping under the cloak of Caliban? (2) iv) Why is Caliban respectful towards Stephano? What does he promise to Stephano? (2) v) What do Stephano and Trinculo tell about their escape from drowning? (2) vi) Give the meanings of the following words as they are used in the context : (1) a) foul b) ague b)Miranda Ferdinand Miranda.---- O my father I have broke your hest to say so! Admired Miranda! Indeed the top of admiration! Worth What s dearest to the world! Full many a lady I have eyed with best regard ..

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Additional Info : ISC Class XI Prelims 2021 : ENGLISH LITERATURE (Delhi Public School (DPS) Megacity, Kolkata) : CLASS XI FINAL  

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