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ICSE Prelims 2018 : Biology ( Respaper )

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Ansh Singh
City Montessori School (CMS Aliganj Campus I), Lucknow
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SECTION I (40 Marks) Question 1: (a) Name the following: [5 Mark] (1) The stage when sister chromatids separate from their paired condition. (2) The organ that produces urea. (3) The part of ovary that produces progesterone. (4) Chromosome with centromere at the extreme end. (5) Process by which homologous chromosomes exchange respective chromatid segments. (b) State whether the following statements are true or false. If false, rewrite the correct statements.[5 Mark] (1) Nephrons are basic unit of brain. (2) The Beta cells of pancreas secrete insulin. (3) Complementary base for adenine is cytosine. (4) Most active stage of cell cycle, in terms of gene action is metaphase. (5) During cell division spindle fibres are directly attached with chromatids. (c) Fill in the blanks: [5 Mark] (1) Mitosis occurs in . cells and help in growth and development. (2) are two small bodies of microtubules in the cytoplasm near the nucleus of animal cells. (3) The end product of fermentation is (4) A non-degradable pollutant is . (5) The basic unit of human brain is the . (d) Draw the diagram to show the meta-phase of mitotic cell division taking place in cell with two pairs of chromosomes and label the parts. [5 Mark] (1) Centromere (2) Centrosome (3) Chromatids (4) Cytosol (5) Microtubules (e) Match the items in column A with those which are most appropriate in column B. [5 Mark] Column A Column B (1) Basic unit of life (1) Glucagon (2) Beta cells of Pancreas (2) Meninges (3) Meiosis (3) Iris (4) Protective covering of brain (4) Cell (5) Constriction of pupil of the eye (5) Insulin (6) Skin cell (7) Protoplasm (8) Sperm (9) Ciliary muscles (f) Explain the following terms: [5 Mark]

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